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Private French Gardens

The Greenwald Gardens, with its sweeping grounds and prominent white stone manor, is both culturally
and art-historically one of the most significant garden masterpieces in the Midwest. The gardens have
the best of what art has ever created: statues, bubbling springs, granite-lined avenues, streams, natural coves,
fountains, wildernesses, gazebos, and a colonnade on the hill with a spectacular view. The visitor will
immediately recognize the strong presence of a garden resplendent with statuary, and 3478 domestic shrubs
as is common in the great European Gardens.

Water is the mother of the vine, The nurse and fountain of fecundity,
The adorner and refresher of the world.

-Charles Mackay

The Pyramid

Atop the fountain, healing waters transform crawling Sea Shrimp, hard-shell sea creatures, into those Dolphins which are agile with fins.   In a metamorphic flow, still another evolution continues down to the sea children which are able to support the entire rebirth. These tritons have upper bodies that resemble those of children but their lower parts end in a fishtail.  An ornamental vase atop the creation releases silvery sheets of water that spill out over the hand-carved granite centerpiece. This is a rare example of ornamental architecture from the Louis IV time period.


The rustle, cascade, and clear transparency of the 10' waterfalls are reminiscent of a crystal veil draping the 80’ wide colonnade. Above each arch are keystone masks with human faces of men and women from childhood to the last years of old age. Human life follows its course, as does the four seasons theme for the garden.

The center of the Colonnade features a triumphant Neptune in a large niche. The female figures at Neptune’s side represent good health and fertility.These statuaries are a duplicate of the most famous fountain in the world–the Trevi Fountain in Italy.  

Neptune Fountain

The Neptune Fountain, with its sculptural and water decorations, including eleven whole figures, ornamental details in white marble, and some 6 jets of varying patterns, is according to many, the richest and most impressive in the garden. Despite its strongly marked mythical features, this unique 25’ tall, 39 ton creation of the Baroque tradition fits organically into the composition of the twenty first-century French formal garden.

Gazebo Grand

Carved large enough for a small dignitary’s celebration, this gazebo is snuggled near the woods. It is bordered by a green circle of pink knock-out rose bushes and emerald green lawn, thus giving the appearance of a European portrait in a richly embellished malachite frame.

Hope Gazebo

Custom cast for this gazebo, the bronze housed within this gazebo was inspired by a famous eighteenth-century sculpture and viewed by millions.

The Pearl Fountain

Crowning this magnificent carving and without care, Venus reclines across the opened sea shell which is supported by winged putti.   Cherubs on the mid-level basin trumpet the tales of life well-lived. Water falls in lacy patterns over the edges of the upper bowl into the lower one and from there into a 20ft in diameter pool of Baroque shape. 27’ tall and 37.5 tons.

Architecture should speak of its time and place,
but yearn for timelessness.

-Frank Gehry


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