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There have been many incredible benefits to having a wedding and/or
reception at the beautiful Greenwald Gardens….

Currently no weddings can be scheduled pending the Town of Mukwonago's authorization.

Greenwald Gardens


Quotes from Guests

"I have been conducting wedding ceremonies for over 30 years and the
Greenwald Gardens is the most beautiful site I have served at!"

Donald Koehn

“ The gardens were truly remarkable...all of the guests felt like they were in a completely different world!
- I felt as if they really made a point to customize the gardens to exactly what I wanted...I knew that my wedding would be truly unique and nobody would be able to ever replicate it!”

– Afton Baier

“People could not believe that there was such a beautiful place as the Greenwald Gardens,- and right
here in Wisconsin! The music throughout the gardens were a beautiful adornment. We so very much
appreciated the help of the staff and the privacy was such a precious asset!”

Rachel Dingus

“ I am grateful for the beauty of the outdoor wedding. People felt that they could get-away for a bit, yet
stay with the wedding when they were walking around the gardens. It was funny, most of the time people
take pictures of the wedding party at weddings,- at the Greenwald Gardens guests were having people
take pictures of themselves. I felt like the guests had been given a gift…incredible! I have been to
Europe and the majesty of the fountains at the Greenwald Gardens rivaled those I have seen at the
Palaces of Europe……thank you, thank you!

Tamara Pozorski

“I want to tell you that we had the most beautiful wedding for our daughter that anyone can
ever dream for. Your place was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, and everyone on the grounds
were extremely helpful and family-like. The guests at the wedding were in awe and just could not imagine
that a place like yours exists! I want to thank you again for nurturing the beautiful garden
and making the wedding so extra-special.”

– Fazle Ali

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